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No doubt you’ve come to the music industry, when you outsource to play mp3 download for President next to Beyonce. Not many musicians can claim to have entertained more fashionable administration continue to occupy the White House.

But not many musicians can achieve a sound as busy as Rodrigo y Gabriela. What sounds like all the angels of heaven are strumming strings is created with only two fingers really fast Guitar Masters, which sometimes can put the duo in a creative context.

The explosive sound Rodrigo y Gabriela does produce a listening environment is matched only by the level of complexity and urgency also come from the fingers at any given time. When these two players, each musical mp3 download peak satisfied with a sentence that is equally climax, the listener until he has nothing but admiration and the question: “How is it possible that the sound comes from four hands?”

The volume and complexity of the compositions of Rodrigo y Gabriela is probably derived from rock roots. In the 90s, both played in the heavy-metal band Acid Earth home from Mexico. But when a contract is finalized packed six-string guitars and started playing on the streets of Dublin.

While Rodrigo y Gabriela swayed in Europe “, we played all these Latin rhythms that really do not like when we were kids,” says Sanchez. “We had all these subliminal rhythms deep within us.” But as they made the transition from playing in the socket to strum on the road, he says, he never lost his rock influence.

Finding new ways to express the voice of the six strings is not new to Rodrigo y Gabriela, but the decision to focus on the element of rock is. Sanchez says that the style for the next album, which is currently in progress and will be released in early 2011, will be more faithful to the original rock style.

Although the duo often said that his songs are a reflection of personal experiences, the switch back to a rock ethos does not have a specific impulse.

As musical chameleons, the duo are influenced by history and environment, and the current decrease metaphorical skin is the next step in its evolution as artists. So while their summer tour may include older material, the performance of the new songs show that Rodrigo y Gabriela stays the same color for long.


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Beat Nation has to do with the Brazilians for some covered Maracatu mp3 download rabeca plugged a short violin played by Dennis Lichtman inclined. Then we had the stage itself, with songs hybrid that drew Brazilian Maracatu and other rhythms triangle facing rural and lining, but also a look north of the border for notes comedian, New Orleans second line, and guitar solos Mark Marshall, wailing blues-rock.

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and the Golden Eagles brought their version of club music, with singers costumes backed by a funk band. (It’s the way Mardi Gras Indians perform when there is Halloween.)

Mr. Boudreaux, a bright yellow wings, flanked by a second head, Bo Dollis Jr., with blue ornaments, the band changed tambourine songs road driven R & B songs in a song, reggae. With the side showing blues band, Mr. Boudreaux was a singer dynamic authorized. He and the band fell Mardi Gras Indian setting, “surface” of a modal jazz-preamble that Mr. Boudreaux became a spell, then the pace picked up, and have been a wild survivors.

The concert ended with reason, with the parade. The Heads of New Orleans, still in their mp3 download suits, joined the Brazilian regalia, with the support of New York Maracatu percussion, another work of Mr. Kettner. Rate strutted and rumbled in Damrosch Park, you do not need help.

Rodrigo y Gabriela have gained a bit of buzz in recent years for its rhythmic style, which has been described as world music and flamenco. And despite the fact that they are classified consistently rejected the couple style labels, with Sanchez saying: “This is not really what we are. We are a duo.”

Type part cataloging, music critics and listeners kept their toes with the constant re-imagine their songs, and now are applying this philosophy in their styles.

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The first song by Diane Birch wrote for the upcoming album, speak a little mp3 download louder, not everything goes as planned. All the love I got – making its world premiere here – it’s one irresistibly provocative haunting anthem in the spirit of Dusty Springfield and Diana Ross. However, “when I wrote this song, I was in front of the disco era, and dance music in the early 90s,” said the 20-year-old Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter. “I had a lot of reports Prince, along with Madonna, Blondie and music Nile Rodgers did with David Bowie. But then I realized that it is a dance song -. Should be a ballad”

However, it is a very funky ballad. “Bible Belt.” This promotion provided by Questlove Backbeat roots, who also played in the successful debut Birch 2007, “It is basically the demo: voices did a take where I read the letter of a page, but it turned out it’s magic – and then Ahmir added the signature of the drum, which juxtaposes organic quality very well, “said Birch, sitting in a good place, coffee shop Bakeri Williamsburg, where he wrote many of the songs from the new album, driven by endless iced coffee.

Some of the credit for the atmosphere deep touching song to EG White, co-producer and co-screenwriter, who is known for his collaborations with Adele. According to Birch, however, the pain is all yours. I was in London for a month, completely miserable, and I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend of four years, he said. I started living in the mp3 download script of other women. Who was going to stop now? I have super discouraged, it can be a good thing, but it’s a fine line. Depression had enough – there was a small ray of light that made me think, I can work with.

Music is something that everyone has their own opinion on special. Different people have different tastes and different types of music have many ways to leave an impact on someone. It can be relaxing, infuriating, soothing, refreshing and more.